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Tree Trimming Prescott

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Tree Trimming in Prescott

Did you know that our cold winter months are the best times to trim your trees in Prescott?  That’s right, the cool temperatures lend themselves to not many things other than brrrrr…., but these temps are great for our trees.  Do you live in a subdivision or master planned community?  You probably have a flowering plum planted somewhere in your landscape.  These trees are so pretty, with their maroon leaves and early white flowers, but they grow very densely, with lots of suckers/shoots, which need to be trimmed out to maintain a healthy tree.

Do you live in the pines?  Our pinyon and ponderosa pines put out a lot of sap when they are limbed or trimmed, but when it’s cold, not so much, so less sap=less mess, less bug invasion potential = healthier pines.  So back to basics, tree trimming Prescott, it’s the right time.  Contact JC Clean Up, Tree Trimming Prescott, and ask about an estimate to invest in your healthy trees!!

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