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So often we only see things or situations from our own personal point of view.  Recently I performed an estimate for a couple who had just purchased a new home.  This couple wanted to get some paths cut into their native areas to allow them access to areas of their property.  They also requested some clean up of last years annual grasses/weeds to be cut down and taken away.  I said sure, here is your price, etc.  They hired us to perform said work.  We came to the site and performed said work.  They were very unhappy, and I could not understand why?  So I reviewed the job notes, which I had reviewed with them, which identified the scope of work, etc.

Still unhappy.  I am thinking hmmmm, what did I miss?

Long story short, they had envisioned a grand full yard clean up, but to my understanding had not vocalized any of this to me during the estimate.  I felt terrible that maybe I had missed something during the estimate.  Bottom line?  They were going to be unhappy, and in our small town, unhappy customers are not a good thing.

My perspective was that we had done what we said we would do, for the price identified, etc, so…….now what?

We ended up sending the crew back to their home, spent another 2 hours really detailing the property, and they ended up, thank goodness, as happy customers.  No cost to customer what so ever.

So, regardless of what side of this agreement one is on, customer or contractor, the take away from this situation is as contractor, I ask as my questions I can to understand the goals of the client, and as a recommendation, to the customers out there, please, please, please, vocalize, draw a picture, send an email, whatever your mode of communication is, ensure your message is conveyed to your contractor, your contractor repeats this back to you, so both parties can achieve the desired goal, which is a good job performed, and all parties are happy.

And that’s my take on Prescott yard care, Customer service, for March?

Happy Landscaping out there.

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