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Prescott Leaf Clean Up

Prescott Leaf Clean Up

Well, well, so it’s now December.

Has anyone noticed that the leaves just came down after Thanksgiving?  Mother nature blew them off, along with the cold, and they seem to have dropped.  Last ones holding on?  Sycamores, that’s for sure.

The trailer seems full of leaves everyday, and we have had a lot of calls for leaf removal.  Funny thing about leaves, it takes time and equipment to rake and blow them into piles, then one has to load them into the trailer, haul them to the dump, unload them at the dump, and lastly pay the disposal fees.   This takes time and $.  Most people understand this, some don’t.  Oh well.

So if you need leaf removal, or any other landscaping in Prescott, AZ, don’t hesitate to call.

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