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Landscape Karma

I got the greatest email this morning, thanking our team for a fantastic job, customer service, and implementation.  I’m super stoked that this particular job went well, was on time, and on budget.  Customers were so supportive, open to ideas, and trusted the process.

So I write this today to talk about customer/contractor relations.  If the customer trusts the contractor, the contractor will put so much “extra” effort into the job, the crew will be happy and go the extra mile!!  If the customer is grinding the contractor hard, the contractor is just wanting to get the job done, crew moral will be low, and the customer won’t always get those extra special touches.  Just facts here folks……

So the moral of today’s landscape blog, is contractors, give everything you can to your customer and the team, to help them do the best job, and customers, trust your contractor, after all, you hired them, checked their references, checked their license status, contractor’s association membership standing, etc, so your contractor can then work wonders for you!!

When both sides of the contract work together, it’s not a contract, it’s a labor of love, and AWESOME results happen!!

Ok, no more coffee this morning ( ya right 😉

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