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Spring Time

Prescott Landscaping

Spring Time

It’s spring time here in Prescott.  I’m so happy to see the pears, with their beautiful white flowers, and the flowering plums, with their delicate pink flowers, in full bloom!!  Junipers are getting their golden dust, much to the dismay of my allergies…..ugh, and shorts this time of year, super cool.

So being Spring, what needs to happen throughout the Prescott landscape?  It’s clean up time.  If you haven’t pruned, it’s go time.  Get the last of the dead canes out, rubbing branches, nip back that Salvia, and rake up winter’s debris.  Did you know that raking up debris, old leaves, etc, can help to eliminate spring and summer diseases?   Be sure to watch your pinyons for scale!!

Also, if you are a “winter irrigation off” type like me, it’s time to start watering.  Watch your nighttime lows, and run irrigation mid day to minimize freezing potential.

Spring fertilizer is perfect right now, also watch out for WEEDS, they are already starting. I was also at Watter’s Garden Center, the pallets of mulch are here, the plants are coming in, and the green house is starting to fill up, so get a head start on your perennials or early annuals.  Stop into Watter’s and add some COLOR!!

If you need any help with your Prescott Landscaping call JC Clean Up, we can help!!

Keep it GREEN people!






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