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Prescott Landscaping – Remodel and Fantastic clients

Prescott Landscaping

Remodel and Fantastic clients

Ah April, spring is here, oaks have dropped their leaves, but wait, today is May 2nd, where did April go?

April was full of learning experiences.  We added a new team member to assist us in the Spring rush, and he is working out very well!!  We performed work for our funnest clients to date!!  New to town, and open to ideas, we helped a great couple to massage their native areas for firewise clean up and maintenance, along with a total front yard remodel, removal of native scrub oaks, re-routing drainage, new plants, flagstone, and gravels!!  Really turned out nice as new landscaping.

The basis for this post is GREAT CLIENTS.  It’s getting rare to have folks truly appreciate the hard work the team puts in to make the landscape beautiful.  This couple allowed us the use of their restroom ( so rare ), fed us drinks and cookies each day, and best of all, grilled us hot dogs and hamburgers, with all the fixings, on our last site day!  You do not know how rare this is.  Our guys worked their tails off everyday knowing their work was appreciated!!  Special thanks to C & C, you know who you are!!

So next time you have work done on your property, remember your work team is just like you, and these guys are working hard for you, a little food, drink, and thank you go a LONG WAY!!

Talk at you soon.



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