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Name Change, why?

Formerly JC Clean-Up

Now, Prescott Landscape Professionals

Prescott Landscape Professionals, has a nice ring to it?  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Why did we change our name?  When the company was started, we were doing junk removal and foreclosure clean outs/trash outs, back in 2010.  Fortunetly, the foreclosure market dried up, and the economy came back to life!!  During this time, our clients continued to ask for landscape services.  With my backround in Landscape, golf course building, and construction management, this type of work fit us to a T.

We got our commercial and residential landscape contractors license back in 2014, and the company has grown ever since.  I attribute this growth to providing the best customer service possible, and paying close attention to our quality of work.

We look forward to our new name attracting more clients and more landscape construction work, as we have a great team, doing great work!!

Next week I travel to Ohio, to a landscaper’s conference, and I can’t wait to learn what Grunder Landscaping has in store for GROW 2017, can’t wait to bring back new ideas to our Prescott Landscaping market.

Until next time,
Prescott Landscape Professionals

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