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Landscape Maintenance in Winter

Prescott Landscaping

Ah, Winter, Snow, Rain and the Leaves

Ah, winter, snow, rain, the leaves have all been picked up, and the fall pruning is completed. The irrigation system has been winterized and everything is finished for the year, right? Heck NO!! We have many customers who call this time of year and say, please don’t come this month, as there is nothing to do. Couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Winter is the perfect time, and best time of all, to do the hard pruning. What is hard pruning? Hard pruning is the cutting back of growth from existing shrubs, trees, and natives. When we trim and thin trees this time of year, we minimize the potential for insect infestations, the plants/trees are dormant so they don’t weep lots of sap, and we can really prune back, without effecting the plants/trees ability to grow. We also work into your native areas this time of year. Dead prune native oaks, junipers, etc. Prune back/off limbs on the house/roof, lift evergreens, thin plums, and all trees for that matter.

So, is there nothing to do this time of year? Heck No, it’s the best time for hard pruning, and that’s what Prescott Landscape Professionals does this time of year!!

All the Best for your Prescott Landscape.

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