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Fertilizer Time!!

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Let’s talk Fertilizer

Whew, long time no post!!  I kept waiting for winter to appear, and it looks like it finally did.  We have had some moisture, snow and rain, so what time is it in the landscape?   It’s fertilizer and pre-emergent time.  Couple of things……


plan to apply approximately 30 days prior to when you want results, so my plan, for our customers, is to apply fertilizer now, so that our final “spring” rains/moisture will help to move the fert into the soils and into the root zones, so that around early April, the plants can start to super grow!!


I know chemicals right?  But if you want a weed free landscape ( or at least a fighting chance against weeds ), pre emergent is a vital tool in the landscaper’s tool box.  Remember, a company who applies pre emergent, MUST have a license with the State of AZ to apply this chemical, this license is not our contractors license, so beware, your “handyman” or fly by night guy cannot apply this material.  Apply pre emergent now, as it’s water activated, so our spring moisture washes this material into the soil and encapsulates the weeds seeds.

Until next time ( sooner than next year?)

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