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Landscaping with slopes

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Landscaping with slopes

If you were to ask any local contractor “What is the biggest challenge of building a home in Prescott, AZ?” The most popular response would probably be, “The permitting process!” And while this is probably true, I think most of them would also agree that trying to fit a level structure on a never-ever-level lot is a close second. Their are two common types of homesites in Prescott, one that is extremely sloped, slanted, tilted, steep, or just plain drops off, or one that has been leveled with big machinery and now has a huge slope of loose dirt on one or more sides that must be dealt with one way or another to keep it from washing away during the monsoon rains.

Savvy homebuilders will bring in a landscape designer to plan for the shaping of the lot before the earth moving begins. There are discussions of salvaging topsoil, directing drainage to beneficial areas, and dealing with limited access after the home is built. Unfortunately, it is more common that the home is built without any consideration of the above with the mentality of “That’s the landscaper’s problem!”

The single-most common problem landscapers have to deal with is drainage, and the large slope of earth that was created by making the lot level to build. And even worse, the slope is oftentimes behind the home which no access for equipment of any kind. Rocks are one option for protecting slopes from erosion, and rocks are heavy! In fact, a wheelbarrow full of rock weighs about 370 lbs. and it takes 5-6 trips to move 1 ton of rock. Multiply those 5-6 trips times 20 or 30 and you can start to see why this option can get very pricey.

Since dealing with drainage and erosion is probably going to consume the biggest chunk of your landscaping budget, why not make it the best that it can be?
Over the next few weeks we will be looking at your different options for dealing with slopes and drainage in your landscape. Everything from beautiful retaining wall systems to plant terraces and even hydro-seeding. Stay tuned!

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