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Prescott Hydroseed

So many ask what is this all about?  As our economy is strong and our community continues to build new homes and subdivisions, we scar the land with earthwork.  Many of these cuts/fills are steep and rock work is expensive and not entirely practical.  So we turn to hydroseed.  Hydroseed can be used for installing grass lawns, we did one last week, or for native grasses/wildflowers.  The grass part is obvious, a new lawn for a happy family.  The native grasses provide the “restored native” look.  Wildflowers can be mixed in to add color.

Top FAQs for Hydroseed

Does it grow?

It takes time, germination happens with either irrigation, rainfall, and temperature.  The cool thing about hydroseed is that it can be sprayed out, and just sit there until it rains.  The seeds are in their natural hull and will germinate when ready.

How long does it take to grow?

This depends on whether it’s irrigated or how much rain we get.  Typical hydroseed for native areas takes 2 to 4 years for full lush established growth.

Is it water friendly?

OMG, it’s the best!!  The seeds are all natives for our area, and once established, minimizes soil dust loss, provides root structure on slopes, and naturally re-seeds itself, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

How do I get hydroseed for my new home or project?

Why that’s easy, just call 928-830-3480 or go to our website, www.PrescottLandscapeProfessionals.com and we will set up an appointment to get you an estimate.

Is it expensive?

No that’s the super cool part, while there is a minimum charge, once we are spraying an entire lot, or slope, the cost is a FRACTION of formal landscape, let alone a huge reduction in long term maintenance/water bills costs.

Can you do big jobs?  Oh yes. Sure thing, just check us out.

All The Best from your Prescott Hydroseed Pros!!



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