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February Warm Winter

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Warm Winter in February?

Well, it’s February 10, 2015, winter right?  Hmmmm, I have been kidding with my landscaper amigo back in Rhode Island, who, by the way, is doing NOTHING but plowing and moving snow, that we are in the high 60s low 70s and it’s winter. So what does that mean?  Seems like pre-emergent is going down all over town, which seems early to me, but the weather sure seems to mandate this timing.

What can one do?  Hope for continued warming.  Why?  If we continue warming, the bud tips will continue to grow and likely pop, and if we get another cold snap, the buds will freeze, which will lead us to less, if any, fruit production, and likely damage trees and shrubs.

Best thing to do, make sure your spring clean up is done, remove old leaves and waste to minimize eggs and larve, get your “winter” pruning completed, and get the lemonade ready for spring and summer!!

Talk with you soon.  Next month, ready the irrigation system and put down the fert!!

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